Toxic Ingredients In Skin Lotions



…Probably.  Do your own exercise and see how many toxic chemicals you can find in your so-called “natural’ ingredient list below. Remember this is just a partial list of the thousands of synthetic chemicals used everyday on your skin!  If you really want to resource your product, please visit Environmental Working Group’s  (EWG) website and type in the name of your product.  Be prepared to read carefully documented information on these ingredients.

Here is a typical list of ingredients on a typical bottle of skin lotion: Water, - Stearic Acid, - Sorbitol, - Glycerin, - C-12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, - Sodium Borate - TEA, - Cetyl Alcohol, - DIMETHICONE, - Aloe Vera, - Phenoxyethanol, - Propylene Glycol, - Quince Extract, - Tocopheryl Acetate, - Potassium Sorbate, - EDTA, - Allantoin, - Methyl Paraben, - Propyl Paraben -  Butyl Paraben, - Menthol DIMETHICONE, DIMETHICONE COPOLYOL, CYCLOMETHICONE Dimethicones are emollients that come from silicone.  That’s right---SILICONE.  What cosmetic products contain this ingredient? EWG cites 1669 products that contain dimethicone.  So why is silicone used in these formulations?  Silicone emollients are “occlusive”---that is they coat the skin, trapping anything beneath it (much like plastic wrap) and do not allow the skin to breath.  They also lend a ‘silky’, smooth appearance to the skin.  

Question:  Do you actually believe that wrapping your skin in plastic will eliminate dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines?  

Here is the “scientific” logic.  Dry skin lacks moisture (water).  Dimethicone traps the moisture in the upper layers of the skin, increasing its effectiveness.  In reality, Dimethicone forms a layer on the skin which 
retains anything and everything beneath it, including impurities, sebum, and bacteria, as well as water.   These occlusive properties also means clogged pores - leading to pimples, bumps, and blackheads.  Recent studies have indicated that prolonged exposure of the skin to sweat, by occlusion, causes skin irritation.  

If you are over the age of 30, and using anti-aging creams, you may have frequent acne flare-ups.  You may be experiencing the full scale benefit of Dimethicone… and a potential side effect.

Let’s talk openly about ‘silicone’.  Silicone was, and still is, used as breast implants. Tens of thousands of women with breast implants have complained of debilitating symptoms. Anecdotal evidence indicates silicone to be toxic to the human body. While manufacturers insist that silicone can not be absorbed into the body (the molecules are too large) and, therefore, is ‘harmless’---it still makes me VERY nervous.  We do know that these methicones and their side effects (especially long-use effects) actually have not been studied closely.

This we do know.  Some synthetic emollients are known tumor promoters and accumulate in the liver and lymph nodes. They are also non-biodegradable, causing negative environmental impact.  For more detailed information on the dangers of silicone simply key "silicone toxicity" into the Google search engine.

Regardless what you believe the fact is, your skin, the largest organ on the human body, is a living, breathing organism. It DOES draw from the ingredients you put on.  Skin doesn’t need chemicals to look healthy.  It needs natural care and feeding, along with gentle cleansing. Feed your skin on the inside by eating a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish such as salmon and mackerel. Drink lots of clean water each day---at least eight 8 oz glasses of water.

 Finally, use SheOlogy Organics natural skin healing products daily for beautiful skin---the way Nature intended.