These eczema recommendations are based upon my 60 years of experience with eczema. My clinical diagnosis is that I have dyshidrotic eczema, which is characterized by small, pimple-like blisters on the hands and feet. My eczema also erupted randomly on other areas of my both, including my elbows, neck and creases of my legs. Should you desire a more medically-based approach, feel free to consult a dermatologist. Trust me on this. They cannot (or will not) help you. Many of them are doing the best they can. It is complicated………

My name is Michelle Graves, and I am the CEO of SheOlogy Organics, an all natural, skin healing company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am also a biochemist who has specialized in safe, organic formulations for skin over two decades. I was born with eczema. I have suffered from eczema my entire life. I am an 'Eczema Survivor'. This is my story.

I know from first-hand experience the eczema symptoms: first, uncontrollable itching, followed by scratching, and, then, the horrific burning sensations associated with this miserable skin disorder. Early in my life, I was misdiagnosed and almost lost my foot due to an inflammation from eczema that was non responsive to steroidal-based treatments with radiation treatments as a last resort.. My parents took me to the best dermatologist in the community, paid hundreds of dollars that they could not afford, and saw little success. I still remember the misery and the pain.

As an adult, I wasted thousands of dollars trying to rid myself of this condition. I went to doctors and specialists and still the horrible itching, and horrible burning continued!!! Doctors could not help. First, they tried topical drugs, then cortisone-based steroids, and, finally, as a last resort, ultraviolet radiation. Does this sound like your story?

Ten years ago, I took control over my eczema. Through scientific research, I became my own guinea pig. I found answers. Unfortunately, there is no 'cure' for eczema. However, following the protocol I developed, my skin has not flared-up in over eight years nor have I experienced any eczema symptoms. Now, I am going to help you take control of yours! You, too, can become an 'Eczema Survivor'.

There are more than forty-one types of eczema. Did you know that eczema is a genetic disorder that usually runs in families? It runs in my family. My mother has eczema. My two daughters have eczema. My son does not have visible eczema, but he clearly is a 'carrier'. His children will carry the gene as well. My sister has eczema, one of my two brothers has eczema, and both of my nieces have eczema. I have eczema. Eczema seems to run in families along with Asthma, Hay Fever, Rosacea, and Psoriasis. I am an 'Eczema Survivor'!

What is Eczema? Most doctors will call this condition under the all-encompassing term 'dermatitis'. However, eczema (also called "Atopic dermatitis") is a chronic skin disease, characterized by patches and distinctive bumps that can appear on any part of the body (including genitals). They tend to cluster in certain areas, which may include, your fingertips, elbows, back of your legs, ears lobes, the back of your neck, your scalp, and feet. Where ever they cluster, there is itching, burning and misery. Eczema eruptions appear to be seasonal in nature with early Spring and Fall being the most severe outbreak periods.

Eczema symptoms usually begin with unbearable itching and scratching (which aggravates the skin). Once you begin scratching the blisters, they erupt leading to infections, and more scratching, which is then followed by intense, skin burning sensations. Only individuals who have eczema can understand this cycle. It is dreadful. These symptoms can disappear and recur over time. Certain conditions can trigger symptoms, also referred to as flare-ups, within 24 hours and must be avoided. Chemical irritants are the #1 trigger for eczema flare-ups.

Eczema has no cure.. One in every four persons suffers from eczema. Fifteen million people in the United States have symptoms of the disease. Ten percent of children are born with eczema. I expect these numbers to explode in the days ahead. There are over 86,000 synthetic chemicals in the air we breathe and ingest into the body today through our food, cleaning agents, skin products and water. These irritants are all agents for eczema flare-ups.

What Causes Eczema? The verdict is still unclear, but this is what I have observed. I will explain this as simply as I can. There is an absence of specific enzymes in the 'gut' that cause poisons to be released into the blood system. The body releases histamines to destroy this bacteria. The 'battle sites' are where the eczema flare-ups take place. We are also allergic to metals, including nickel, sodium, and most synthetic chemicals.

Anyone who has eczema knows about flare-ups. They are misery personified.

  1. Chemical Irritants are the #1 trigger of eczema flare-ups.
  2. Stress releases enzymes which compromise the immune system and release poisons into the skin.
  3. Inhaled allergens (like dust mites or animal dander) may cause flare-ups.
  4. Bacterial, fungal or viral infections can cause flare-ups.
  5. Food allergies (including coffee) may trigger flare-ups.
  6. ANYTHING WITH CHEMICALS, METALS OR SKIN SENSITIZERS WILL TRIGGER ECZEMA (translated, tattoos, ear piercings and most procedures using metals or stainless steel will be problematic).

Medical Treatment for Eczema: Most doctors will call this condition under the all-encompassing term 'dermatitis' and then prescribe corticosteroid drugs and ointments. These drugs provide short-term relief, but they have problematic side effects including bleeding, growth retardation and impaired immune systems. PUVA therapy (ultraviolet therapy),which is used in extreme cases, (such as mine) can be dangerous. Rarely does this regimen work over time. Here, is the problem. Eczema will worsen If it is left untreated Or the treatment is INADEQUATE, INCORRECT or IMPROPER.

There is NO Cure for Eczema. With a proper lifestyle change, and attentiveness to keeping your skin properly treated, you will see POSITIVE RESULTS. The itching will cease, your skin will heal, and you will be happy!!!

Eczema Remedies in Four Steps

Step 1: Take inventory of your habits and eliminate:Wools, Synthetics including polyesters, all Metals (especially nickel), Latex Rubber, Lotions with Preservatives, Hair dyes and colorings, Fragrances (some essential oils are acceptable), Anti-bacterial soaps, ALL sodium-based bath soaps, body washes, and clothes detergents. Always use 100% White Cotton Towels. If you insist on wearing woolens and clothing that trigger an eczema response, always wear these items over cotton underwear.

Step 2: You Must Control What you put IN your body. Scientists have determined that eczema is a genetic disorder which impacts our immune system on a cellular level. We have to be food-sensitive,t eating foods that are healthy and free of chemicals and preservatives. We also have to supplement our diets with probiotics and essential fatty acids, which we lack. Detoxing with Calcium montmorillonite powder at night will help to eliminate toxins in our stomach which cause problems. Pure Calcium montmorillonite powder does not have aluminium and is an effective cleanser. Remember: use probiotics in the Morning; detox at night.

Step 3: Drink and Bath/Shower in PURE water. Fluorides and Chlorides, which are heavy metals (salts), are highly toxic to eczema-sufferers. Since 99% of our body is water, we need water to live---but, the water must be pure. Long, Hot baths/showers are a No-no-unless you have a water purifier or have well water that is safe from metal contaminants. If you must drink or cook with tap water, boil it first. Better yet, install a filtration system in your home that will keep your water alkaline. One further note: swimming in chlorinated pools is unquestionably a terrible thing. I took swimming in high school. My eczema flared up from my skin's exposure to the chlorine. Boils covered my entire foot. My condition was misdiagnosed. By the time all of the symptoms were evaluated, radiation was required, and foot amputation was a distinct possibility. The radiation killed the bacteria after multiple treatments.

Step 4: Control your environment and Minimize stress. Pollen, mold, dust, and animal dander trigger an immediate negative reaction by the skin. It will begin to release 'histamines' which cause itching. Toxic people/ situations can cause anxiety, which will affect the nerve endings in the skin itself. It's response is to release histamines, which causes itching!!!

Eczema Remedies

This list is not all-inclusive. It is based upon my actual lifestyle habits and ongoing research. I no longer suffer from this horrible condition. I want you to experience relief too. If you have recommendations, please feel free to e-mail me at support@sheology.com and I will share them with our subscribers.

1. SKIN. Never ever use over-the-counter soap. Too harsh and chemicals are toxic to eczema-sufferers. Purchase organic soap that is plant-based. Never fully towel dry your skin. Use a damp cloth to wipe down your skin. Apply SheOlogy Healing Balm immediately from head to toe. Tip: If you are taking a bath, use a green tea bag in the water. It will neutralize the chlorine contaminants!

2. BODY. Avoid refined sugars, salt, processed foods and high fructose food products and drinks. Eat organic, healthy foods with lots of fresh vegetables that are locally grown. If you eat meat, make sure the meat is organic and minimize red meat. Use extra virgin oil for salads and cooking. Take supplements including krill oil, flax seed oil, probiotics, a multivitamin formula for Stress, one Zinc tablet 20-30 mg/daily (after the first meal) and a Golden Seal Root capsule daily. I purchase my supplements at a local health food store, not at the drugstore or grocery store. I take probiotics each morning, and drink calcium montmorillinate at night with a glass of organic apple or pear juice

3. ENVIRONMENT. Meditate. Exercise. Laugh (a lot). Focus on the positive. This all sounds easy, but it will require a level of commitment to make your life pleasurable and uplifting. Avoid stress, stressful environments and people. The brain releases chemicals that cause you to go into overload and release acid into your blood system. Remember: acid in the blood system causes flare-ups.

Final Thoughts.

I am blessed to be able to share this information as a result of my own sorrows. You may not be able to implement all of my recommendations, but at least put into place those you feel are most beneficial. So many people who suffer with this condition have been helped by using SheOlogy Organics Healing Balm. I can say with confidence that this is the best eczema cream on the market. I use it daily as do my children and family members.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from this information, please send it to them. Feel free to e-mail me at support@sheology.com to keep me posted on your progress.