Hand sanitizers, while proven to be effective agents for killing germs, also dry out skin, leaving it cracked, irritated, and vulnerable to bacterial infections. This can be especially severe among older adults, since their loss of sweat glands (from aging) causes water to evaporate from their skin more quickly. Healing Balm by She′Ology Organics has been proven to be effective in healing and restoring damaged skin. This highly concentrated, all-natural skin emollient has no chemicals, preservatives or additives. It is laboratory-certified and 100% pure. Its ingredients have been scientifically documented to facilitate the healing of skin tissue through the high concentration of Vitamin A, which accelerates cell regeneration, and triterpenes, which are anti-inflammatory.

"The skin is the largest organ of the body," said Michelle Graves, CEO of She′Ology Organics. "It protects us,  so we need to protect it.  Healing Balm is amazing for your damaged skin. Try it for yourself and watch significant improvement on your hands, your feet, or anywhere your skin is troubled. ”

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