Nataural Awakenings September 2013 Issue Cover

The benefits of drinking pure water, eating organic produce and consuming meat of grass-fed animals have been clearly established. Our bodies work most efficiently when fuel sources are free from preservatives and chemicals. However, in a quest to control what they put in their body, many people overlook what they put onto their skin, the body's largest organ

The skin, which protects everything inside the body from potential toxins, is also the thinnest organ, at less than a tenth of an inch thick. Skin defends us from a wide variety of influences, including environmental temperature extremes, wind and ultraviolet sunrays, and exposure to harmful bacteria and infections

Skin is highly permeable and can absorb chemicals, especially in a nanoparticle form. Consider the patches used to aid cigarette smokers kick the habit. Those chemicals go directly into the bloodstream to deter the craving for nicotine. Likewise, birth control patches disperse chemicals into the blood to interrupt hormonal activity that affects ovulation patterns.

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