Women are brave ... in fact, very brave. From cradle to grave, from Africa to the United States, women are life-givers, life-support­ ers. We even suckle our young. Our bodies give us this power to give life to others. It is this strength that unites the women of Yagma Village, West Mrica to the women of our own hometowns.

In today's society, every woman is aware of breast cancer. What does a woman feel when her breasts, which carry her history fmm girl­ hood, through puberty and into womanhood are invaded and removed from her body? Bari-Ellen Roberts is an over comer. She is the author of a New York Times best-seller, 'Roberts vs. Texaco.' and a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a breast cancer survivor. Here is her story.

"In 2009, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.  It was in my right tonsil. Most people who have this cancer are men who are smokers or heavy drinkers and over 50 years of age. Obviously, I did not fit the typical profile. I did not drink, I did not smoke, and I was not a man. But the battle is the same. Once I was diagnosed the treatment was brutal physically, psychologically and emotionally. It had spread outside of the primary area of the throat into my lymph nodes and was headed to my lungs. I was given a very aggressive treat­ ment of 7 weeks of daily radiation, chemotherapy and surgery that removed part of my neck, muscles and breast tissue. During the treatment and recovery I was unable to eat for 9 months. I had a feeding tube inserted in my abdomen and was fed a liquid nutrient. I lost all of my hair from the radiation treatment. I lost considerable weight. I lost my voice for months. I was very disfigured by the experience. But I never lost my faith my optimism.

The treatments saved my life but destroyed my skin, from the middle of my chest up to the top of my head. I had third degree burns from the radiation over my entire neck and lost all of my hair. I learned about She'Ology™ Heal­ing Balm through a friend. I can truly say it healed me. Not just my skin but my spirit was healed by this product. After using this Healing Balm for just three weeks, I noticed a remarkable improvement in the healing of my burns compared to the other patients who were being treated by my doctor. Within one year the scarring had disappeared and two years later my skin is clear, supple and my spirit is lifted".

So a woman's strength comes full circle. The West Mrican Women's Initiative is helping women around the world by producing this magi­ cal Healing Balm that heals the scarring of women here in the United States. In turn, the sale of Healing Balm here helps to sup­ port the women and their children of West Mrica.

Yes, women are brave...VERY brave.