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Two years ago, I was treated for advanced Head and Neck cancer with 6 weeks of daily radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. These treatments saved my life but destroyed my skin from the middle of my chest up to the top of my head. I had third degree burns from the radiation over my entire neck and lost all of my hair. After months of using aloe vera as recommended by my doctor, my dear friend Michelle told me about Sheólogy Organics and sent me the Healing Balm product. I can truly say it healed me. Not just my skin but my spirit was healed by this product. After using this product for just three weeks, I noticed a remarkable improvement in the healing of my burns compared to the other patients who were being treated by my doctor. Within a year the scarring had disappeared and two years later my skin is clear, supple and my spirit is lifted. Thank you Sheólogy Organics for the blessing of healing.

–Bari Roberts, Author "Roberts vs. Texaco", Atlanta GA

Sheólogy Organics might truly be one of the most revolutionary products of our time. The benefits are endless. The mainstream cosmetic industry would change for the better via the incorporation of raw Shea butter in formulations. However, there are some members of my profession who are simply not ready for such a product. I can only hope things will change as trends move towards organic products.

–Karen Dean-Hines, Cosmetic Chemist & Formulator

My name is Anya Graves and I have been using your lab-tested and approved Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm for about 6 years now. I have suffered from eczema and severely dry skin my entire life. I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 4 years and am currently employed at one of the nation’s best hospital pharmacies. After trying many pharmacists' and physicians' remedies, both FDA-approved steroidal and non-steroidal medications, beauty lines, prescriptions and over-the-counter remedies, NOTHING WORKED! Some temporarily alleviated my symptoms while others created more agitation and flare-ups. With my skin being so extremely sensitive, I was left with patchy,dry spots, skin discoloration, and a feeling of defeat. When I was introduced to the Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm. I noticed an immediate and drastic change in my skin. The texture, even tone, and glow resonated all day! Amazing! For the first time, my skin doesn't feel thirsty, my eczema is gone, and my skin looks just as good as it feels---great every day! Thank You So Much!!!

–Anya Graves, Pharmacy Technician

I have been using the Sheólogy Organics products for well over 7 years. Because I suffer from eczema, I have a very hard time using products that will not cause my skin to react thus allowing me relief from extreme itch and over all dry skin. I would advise and recommend this product to anyone who want better skin overall.

–Mya Richardson, Entertainment Booking Agent

I wasn’t a fan initially of shea butter, but one day after bathing, I put some Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm on my heels and feet (which really needed work), and I put on my terry cloth slippers and my feet literally felt brand new. Afterwards, I started using it on my entire body and what a difference! Sheólogy Organics is the only brand of shea butter that I will buy because I can trust its "cleanliness". Having learned that 'pure' doesn’t mean "clean" is real big for me. Thank God that someone took the time to laboratory-test it and certify it SAFE!!!.

–Theresa A. Williams, Educator

I have been using She‘ology Organic Healing Balm on my extremely dry hands and feet twice a day for only three weeks. Just after the 3rd or 4th day I was beginning to believe I had become delusional! My hands and cuticles looked and felt so smooth, I thought this product simply cannot be this good. And, after about a week, the rough skin on the heels and balls of my feet is now history. I have absolutely no need to use a pumice stone again. This product is fabulous.

–Lynda Duncan, Accountant

I have had the pleasure of using Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm for a while. This remarkable product has taken my skin to a whole new level. The clarity, smoothness and elasticity in my skin are unbelievable. I am often asked my age, because of the youthful look to my skin. My face is very even in tone and color. I had a making on my skin that had been there for quite some time and Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm has since faded it away. I am very pleased with this product, because it is a natural product from the earth and has many uses. I will always use ONLY Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm as my one and only moisturizer. It is God’s miracle cream for anyone looking for an all-in-one product to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and soften skin.

–Debra L. Sellers, College Advisor

I borrowed my wife’s Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm and tried on my own skin. The results have been amazing. I don’t use it everyday but it does help my hands, feet, legs, arms and eczema. My wife determined that this product met her standards quality and she’s pretty finicky.

–Michael Graves, Store Manager

My name is Darwin Ashley and I was introduced to Sheólogy Organics's Healing Balm two years ago by my girlfriend. I was skeptical in the beginning of its healing powers having tried every lotion and cream under the sun; none of which worked. Within a week I could tell a difference in my skin's appearance. Prior to using Healing Balm, I had a severe case of dry skin on my hands to the point where they began pealing and cracking. Now my hands are smooth along with everywhere else the balm touches…added bonus men; no perfume smell!

–Darwin Ashley, Cincinnati Ohio

Your Healing Balm has helped even out my skin tone as well as helped my combination skin. I love it! I use it on my feet as well. Wow-they is so beautiful now. I’m hooked!! My husband took my last jar for himself – he was so amazed!

–Kenora Graves, Medical Assistant

I started using Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm two years ago on recommendation from a friend. My symptoms were dry cracking hands and feet (heels) to the point they would bleed. After using Healing Balm for approximately 3 weeks, the skin on my hands and feet was much softer, and the cracking and bleeding stopped. I highly recommend Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm to anyone who works outside or in a harsh environment damaging to their skin.

–Bill Whelan, Florence, KY

About a year ago, I stubbed my foot on my bed and a splinter got lodged between my nail bed and actual toe skin. I went to the podiatrist and need to get ¼ of my toenail removed. I was prescribed hydrocortisone crème by the podiatrist to apply to the removed area and told to check back in a week. I did come back as instructed and he noticed some improvement with instructions that I check back in a week. Then I started using Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm and noticed the difference in ONE day. My toe was healing, the pain went away and no scar ever appeared. Even my podiatrist was shocked! Being laboratory-tested and natural makes me extremely comfortable. Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm is an excellent, dependable product that is medically necessary. Your skin is back to the natural, smooth state that it deserves.

–Jennifer Godfrey, Cardiac Nurse

The Shea butter has been very good for the eczema on my arms and back. I do use it daily on my feet and when I notice the eczema flaring up. The fact that your product is laboratory tested for cleanliness and purity is a big plus!

–Donna Godfrey, Administrative Assistant

I have been using your Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm for at least one year. On my job I wear steel-toed boots and developed severe callouses and corns. After using this product every day, I noticed that my corns and callouses just went away! I could not believe it! Nothing else I’ve tried has worked. I am a Sheólogy Organics believer for life!.

–Michael Godfrey, Cincinnati, OH

I have been using the Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm product since December 2011. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis since 1997, when it started. The bottom of my left foot especially was really black in spots. Itchy, dry skin was on my heel and toe area with peeling for more than 2 years. Since I began this treatment in December 2011, the results amazing. It’s almost completely clean. Thanks again for your wonderful product.

–Frances Louise Garr, Owner Savanna G's Boutique

I have never experienced a healing action like that of Sheólogy Organics with any other product, prescription, or compound. Here are two of many examples for me: First, when I heard the familiar "sizzle" with a small burn on my hand, I knew I was in pain, blistering and scarring. I quickly covered the area with Sheólogy Organics and was shocked that the burn pain was gone within a minute. Later, there was no blistering, and no scar! Next, the severely dry, flaky, cracking skin I normally experience from winter weather is now gone. My itching from eczema is calmed with Sheólogy Organics, and it has allowed healing, finally leaving my skin moisturized and clearer than it has ever been. I find that Sheólogy Organics is a product I never want to be without, because it is health restoring for my skin.

–Brenda H Pinkelton, Biologist

Since I’ve been using Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin. In fact, my 'signifigant other' loves to feel my body and really loves the smell of it (oh la la). I’m hooked on it!

–Ms. Doris Carter, Cincinnati OH

It is my pleasure to share with your readers and those who may have questions about the amazing healing power of your product, Sheólogy Organics . I personally use the organic Healing Balm product on my entire body, especially my face. I have noticed the difference in texture, the smoothness; also the dryness is disappearing along with the swelling that often occurs in my eyelids – which had become a problem since a diagnosis of sorcoidosis. I also use your Sheólogy Organics Huggy Bear product on my two-year-old grandson who calls it "my butter." I use it for any bumps, scrapes, bruises, and dryness that appear on his young body. Your product is also used in conjunction with a prescription product for eczema that plagues my grandson. I find that I do not have to use the prescription ointment on him as much as I did in the past. The most dramatic healing impact has taken place with my husband who recently had knee surgery. I apply the Healing Balm to the affected area daily. As a result, the area is healing quicker than his doctor had anticipated. It is healing without all the scarring that was evident from previous surgeries. It also has helped with the healing pain he was experiencing. I would recommend Sheólogy Organics healing products without hesitation to anyone who wants healthy vibrant looking skin. I praise God for giving you the vision and I thank you for following through with the vision…. many will be blessed.

–Reverend Patricia C. Ford

I have used 20 or more products for my skin and face over the past 3 years and there is nothing that can compare to the pure and healing qualities of Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm. I have been using this wonderful product for 4 plus years daily and my skin is smooth, has far less wrinkles and stays free of acne and aging effects of the sun and pollution. My skin was very dry before, now it glows and has a healthy color. I use Healing Balm all over, from head to toe. It keeps my feet and hands smooth and prevents rashes and skin irritation. I also rub it into my hair and scalp. I use it on my dog, Tango, and before that, I used it on my Golden Retriever, Luna (now deceased).

–Kim M. Watling, Art Educator

I am creative so I am on my feet a lot. I had ignored the care of my feet until I realized how rough my feet had become. I suppose they were actually calloused. I tried some shea butter that I purchased at the local market. It just didn’t do the trick. Then I tried Sheólogy Organics Foot Balm! I put it on my feet every night and much to my delight my feet began to soften. I can’t believe the difference Sheólogy Organics Foot balm made in just 3 weeks. I definitely recommend the Sheólogy Organics Foot Balm.

–Mary Barr Rhodes, Marketing Consultant

Let me begin by saying that I was not a fan of shea butter. I did not like what I saw or smelled in the various shops. Well, the time has come. I was complaining to a friend of mind about my ankles and I wondered why over the years they had dry skin and soreness. She told me to use the Sheólogy Organics Healing Balm that I had been given. I noticed the difference. My ankles are no longer dry and ashen. The product works for me and I continue to use it. Yeah for Sheólogy Organics!!!

Terri Jenkins, Clothing Boutique owner.

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